Friday, February 20, 2015


No, no, no outfit post for today. Ha! I hope you guys don't mind if I'm sharing my kind of behind-the-camera-living nowadays. Well, having no photographer around means, you, yes yourself is the only one who responsible for camera thingy. And since I have no knowledge about it before, so I'm improving myself by capturing almost everything around me.

And one of my biggest crush right now is a kitten, well not mine, but still he always plays in my room, so yeah, why I don't take some advantages from him? LOL. Other things that I love was from last Valentine day; my best teammates kindly enough to bake me some mini chocolate cakes and it tasted sooooo good! I already told her to open chocolate booth. Hahaa. And, and, from my adventurous moment at home while did nothing, and suddenly a beautiful butterfly crossed my way. Last but not least, my lucky rainbow showed right before the dawn.

Have a great day,

Monday, February 9, 2015

Turn Back Time

Time is the weirdest thing in the world. It always moves on, without waiting or noticing others. It really is selfish. The only thing that can freeze the time is picture. Every picture tells a story behind. It reminds us about good and bad moments. No matter if time runs away, the picture always stays.

And talking about picture, I do feel guilty if I throw these pictures away. Still from my recent trip, I can't hold to not sharing these beautiful images (in my perspective, okay!). I love the combination of green and nature and my earthy outfit! Not to mention the deer also! LOL. Over all, I feel calm every time I see these kind of images. Nature magically do its magic on me, though :p


blazer - mom's
dress worn as top - ROWL's
skirt - ROWL's
bag - Persunmall
shoes - Nike Airmax

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Introducing Bridalup: Specialized in Pretty Gowns

I know you guys might be notice that I wrote few posts about prom dresses and the gown inspirations inside. It simply because I love beautiful gowns, and it makes me flattering every time I see web store which sells beautiful dresses, not only prom dresses but also wedding dresses (yes, I wrote about it too).

And this time, I want to introduce you, my dear readers, with my another new found web store called Bridalup which specialized in selling inspired Designer Prom Dresses. As you might guess from the store name, yes, it focuses on Bridal or Wedding dresses as main object. But no need to worry for you who hasn’t thought about marriage or even teenager who welcoming prom night at your school, because they provide Unique Prom Under 200 from Bridalup. As China based store, of course they marketed their Prom Dresses Online.

Just look at my choices from their store below! They not only provide the competitive prices, but also good quality photos and measurements, so as consumer, you can easily looking at the details and measuring the fits! P.S they also have Live Chat anyway! You can consult with the customer service about sizing matters or else before shopping :)

I'm sooooo in love with the back details! And the color just makes the strong statement as independent and strong women, don't you think so? :)

Just perfect length for petite girl like me! Ha. The upper details will make me look cute and glamorous at the same time. But I will choose the black color instead, or even sky blue. I imagine it will be perfect and cute as well! :)

*All images source: Bridalup

So, what do you guys think about my choices? :)

Friday, February 6, 2015

Travel Diary: Solo

Ahh, finally Friday is here! And I'm done uploading these bunch of photos, ha! So, here it is, my amazing moments while I was in Solo, Central Java. I wasn't exploring the city much, since I only have less than 24H in this lovely city. I've been visiting Solo few times before and never get tired of this city. I just love spending the time in their local park called Taman Balekambang. It has so many beautiful spots to hang around, sleep or even to do running. Hahaaa. What's more, there are few animals that blended with us, humans, without any fear. Just look at the deer or the ducks :)

Another place that I visited was Manahan Stadium, located not far from Taman Balekambang, it is Solo main stadium I guess. Me and le boyfie were going there to catch our favorite snacks everytime we visit Solo. But sadly, that day the store was closed *crying* but no worries, there are plenty of traditional snack stores around the stadium *happy tummies*

Well, I think that's enough explanations about my trip to Solo :) Let the photos tell our excitements during our short trip. Hope you guys enjoy the photos *kiss*


Saturday, January 31, 2015

Sweet Escape

It's Saturdaaaayyyyyy peopleeee!!!!! Yaiynesss!
I know that I should have posted my main trip photos in Solo right now (well, it should have! Since I already posted about my went out and went back outfit in the recent posts). But truth be told, I get a very hard time choosing them! How can I choosing while all of them are my favorite photos? :( I kinda want to share it all without any reduction. I wanna make you guys feel the excitement I felt that time. But if I'm stubbornly do that, you guys might have to load my page forever, lol. So, I decide to postpone the main post and posting this look instead. Please bare with me while I'm choosing them. Fiuuhhh.

I'm currently having good times in my hometown with my family. Ohh I feel stuck nowadays, so being home is definitely sweet escape for me right now. The rain is pouring non stop, and I love it to the max. Rain plus family plus comfy yet warm outfit plus hot tea are total perfection! Hope you guys have lovely weekends as I do, wherever you are!


coat - ROMWE
top - ROMWE
jeans - Dust
heels - Adorable Project