Sunday, September 21, 2014

Magelang - The City of Hope

So, I spent my weekend at my hometown, Magelang, and for the first time in my entire life, I was able to capture some landmarks here in town while walking around spent the Saturday night with my bestie, Aira. But maybe I'm not too good capturing moment, since I ended up regretting why I'm not taking this and that when I'm home. Hiks.

When I was a kid, Magelang called as "The City of Hope" formerly, but it changes into "The City of Million Flowers" few years back (which I don't know the reason behind the changes). I personally love the former named (sounds cooler, no?), its like the town brings positives spirits for everyone inside town, hangs people's hopes when other city can't, and as an escaping place for those who seeking of peace.

I love this town so much, not just because I was born and grew up here, but for every pieces that this town offered to. Clean and fresh air, two mountains as view, clean and large roads, good pavements, and others that many big cities and towns can't offer. Not that I'm not loving my current place to live, but hey, I think it's a good sign if you still love your hometown even when you're not around :)


Sunday, September 14, 2014


It's been almost 5 months of me joining my work company. Time flies, and story still going on. And it would be unfair if I wasn't share a little piece of my togetherness with my workmates. Meeting new people, having new experiences, hearing life-experiences of them, and getting new hilarious stories are somehow make me braingasm.

And I'm quite happy to be among these people. I feel blessed to meet them and know their personalities better. We're taking care of each other, laughing, mumbling, adventuring and everything that every friendship always do :p Some of them are not in company anymore, but it's always good to know that we keep contacting others. How am I can't feel blessed? :)

Here are some of my favorite moments of us. P.S no uniform okay! Since these photos are our off-duty moments, from touring to Ketep Pass - Magelang, workmates reunion from elder to youngest generations, and outdoor events! (and yet many more exciting journeys are still waiting!)

All photos taken by Samsung S4.

Sunday, September 7, 2014


It might be true that luckiness never comes twice. Happened. To. Me. This. Morning. So, I woke up early today, and prepared everything from head-to-toe to get nice shoot (just like what I did in my last post :p) but, oughhhh, I don't know why the results look too bright, not as good as in my last post? T-T

I'm quite disappointed since setting up the camera and else is a big deal right now! You know how troublesome the self-timer-thing is. You need to settle the camera in the right place, focusing the camera, pushing the button, posing, and getting back to the camera just to check up the result. And when the result is bad, you need to repeat the same rhythm. Ouuucchhh, it's sooooooo exhausting!

Okay, I need my boyfie right now. Yeah, NOW! Dear boyfie, yeah you read it right.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Color Wedding Dresses Inspiration by DressV

Wedding is always be woman special moment, thus every girls out there has their crazy imagination about their future wedding. But one thing for sure, they do love unforgettable wedding, and it's never matter about big or small ceremony and reception, or glamorous and things. But it's all about the feeling. Every girls always dream about the perfect wedding in their mind -in their way of course. So that's why there is no exact same dreamy wedding from one to another girls.

And today, I want to share my dreamy color wedding dresses -in my opinion of course! :) Hope you like my choices :)

I love this halter look dress! Especially when it's in white :)
you can get the dress here

Red is always be my favorite color! So if it's possible, I would love to have this dress in my wedding! (ohh, read this boyfriend :p)
you can get the dress here

And for the mix of white (as common wedding color) and red (as my favorite color), I choose this roses dress! Lovely, isn't it? :)
you can get the dress here

*All images source of*

You can get all dresses (and another which I don't upload) from
You can check another color wedding dresses on to pick your favorites :)
They really have gorgeous wedding dresses anyway!
Happy shopping!

Saturday, August 30, 2014


So, here is the deal, since boyfie isn't in town yet (and might be for a long time) I'm going to be forever alone trying so hard to update this blog -with my minimalist knowledge of photography. So please, don't judge okay :D
Well, if you are bloggers or camera-thing-related, you must know how hard it is to have none helping you taking pictures or else, right? right? That's what exactly happens to me *crying* Even though I have many friends with great photography skills, but still I'm too shy to pose in front of them! *another crying icon here* So I decided to use tripod this time, thanks to self timer! LOL. I kinda like these photos, although there is no full body look (it's soooooo hard! I was dying to capture my whole look. And all the results are bad! Huuuffffftttttt). Still, practice makes perfect, yeah? ;)
Ahh and another thanks to Reza Akhmad for lending me his big tripod (and the camera as well :p). You know, my humble camera won't produces nice photos without any great photographer :p

Have a great Sunday, guys!


the blurry photo that I love! So I feel like wanna share it here :)