Wednesday, April 16, 2014


I don't know why, but seems like I'm currently addicting into leather jacket lately. I already got two leather jackets less than 2 weeks XD and I almost put ethnic leather jacket into shopping bag this morning. Crazy, I know! Remembering I live in tropical country -______- but then again, who cares? LOL.
Anyway, the dress I wore in this post should be purple instead of light blue. I don't know why it turns to be light blue when I transferred the files into my laptop. And it looked my dress mismatch with my shoes -______- Umm, lightning problem, perhaps?
Ahh, anyway, I just created my instagram account (yaiiyy) jump over @SonyaAnnK :) haven't updated that much, but just in case you're curious :p

printed dress - ROMWE
leather jacket - ROMWE
pumps - Chrysallis


Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Calm Down

Today is the Election Day in my country for House of Representatives. Yeah, once in five years, we all Indonesian people choose President and House of Representatives. And the election for President planned will be happen around May (if I’m not mistaken :p)

Today is also set as national holiday (yaiiyness!) but unfortunately, it also means almost public services, which I meant as restaurants, stores, offices and even small juice shop are close! :( I don’t know why, but it seems like everybody don’t wanna miss this rare holiday. The streets are also not so crowded as it usually does. Blessing in disguise? I guess.

This silence moment reminds me to take a step back, enjoy the holiday without any rush and calm down for a little while. Live does cannot wait, but we always have the time, right? :)
And to celebrate this holiday, I wore super casual outfit! With sneakers on! :D Ahh, enough mumbling, I should enjoy my last minute holiday! x

floral top - ROMWE
leather jacket - ROMWE
jeans - Dust (old)
shoes - Converse

enjoy your last minute of this holiday too, guys!


Friday, April 4, 2014

Some Changes

I dreamed of having new camera lately. Though it's a sign that I already need one :p Been eyeing Canon and Nikon, and still saving up for it. God, saving money is the hardest thing to do (at least for me!) I never ever success buying something from my moneybox. I don't know why it always ends up by using the money for other needs, LOL.
I mostly spend my money for dorm rent and foodies. I do love eat to the bits. I eat a lot and easily feel hungry. That's why I stock up snacks and instant foods in my room. I even love to try new traditional food on the streets. And people around me know me well, so we always stop to taste new foods every time we hang around. Those make sense, huh? XD
But this time with no help from parent, I should survive and realize my dream of having new camera! (pray for me please?) And this blog post is made to remind me how strong my will is. LOL!

blouse and shorts - ROMWE
bag - thrift store
Vicious Exotic - Jeffrey Campbell

P.S  I currently reorganized my closets and thought to sell my pre-loved stuffs with very cheap prices. By the help of my lovely neighbor, she kindly lend me her Kaskus account. So here you go, for Indonesian readers, you can check my pre-loved stuffs here :)


Monday, March 31, 2014

Afternoon Field Trip

I wish I met the golden hour when I was out this afternoon. But sadly, the clouds covered the sun already T-T Excuse my bad quality photos >_< The light was really bad that my camera cannot handled. And I just started using photoshop, and I'm still trying to figure it out. So bare with my stupidity okay :) 
I went out to this field just for killing time, since I did fasting, and stayed at home was really bad idea. I will get hungry and hungrier every time I looked around my room >_<
So boyfie picked me up and we played (literally he took my pictures and I posed :p) for around half an hour. Then we bought some snack to be eaten :p Well, my kind of Monday holiday today.
Since I'm still hungry, I shall end this post as soon as possible. LOL. Gotta buy dinner, ahh I'm already starving again.

And meet the native creatures of this field! :p

have a nice day!


Monday, March 24, 2014

Knee High Socks

Don’t be shock okay, my legs turn shorter because I wore these knee high socks. Maybe I should use it just like Japanese school girl, but hey I just wanted to do something different, so I turn it down my knees. And voila, shorter legs -_____________-
I didn’t realize until I transferred the photos to my laptop. GRRRRRR. But the idea of retaking these photos is just wasting time for me. Besides, I don’t know when the right time to wear these socks better than today. So, I just need to let it this way. LOL.

Today was pretty gloomy; thankfully I remembered having these knee high socks from Born Pretty Store. Anyway, Born Pretty Store has special discount coupon for my lovely readers, it is YWT10 ; you can get 10% OFF to buy jewelry&accessory or many other stuffs by using that coupon :)

Okay enough rambling, I need to go back to my work, so forgive me and please bare with me. Ahh, I'll be back, see you in my next post. Better post *finger crossed* :p

P.S enjoy the coupon treat!