Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Homecoming Dresses by Ihomecoming

Every year (and maybe after decades) of our graduation, some school folks usually make a committee to gather all alumnus. As a stage of show off, lol, we really need to have proper preparation from head to toe. Well, you really don't want to look ugly, don't you? I mean, come on, we really don't know if our ex-es slash friends are still nerd, well people change anyway :p So, in order to avoid "that look" from everyone else, why don't we dress up a little bit outstanding?

Here I am choosing some great homecoming dresses, and all of them in black color, so I called it "black homecoming dresses of Ihomecoming". Hope this helps! ;)

High split with sexy back! Look so mysterious!
you can get the dress here 

 Bandeau kind of dress and high split? Genius!!!
you can get the dress here

Not into long dress? Hmm, this one you might love!
you can get the dress here

Aww, sexiness overloaded!!!!
you can get the dress here

*All image source of www.ihomecoming.com*

You can get all dresses (and another which I don't upload) from www.ihomecoming.com
You can check another black dresses on http://www.ihomecoming.com/black-c103670/ to pick your favorites :)
They really have gorgeous dresses anyway!

Happy shopping!


Sunday, August 17, 2014

Bare Face

Finally Sunday is coming! After a full week of tiring works, time to chill down is right on my face. And for me, the best way to relax is by sitting, sleeping, reading or/and doing everything at home. I'm not anti-social or some kind of that, but well don't you think keeping yourself far away from hectic world is best way to keep your mind relax yet normal :p
And my laziness was already started in the early morning of Sunday. I woke up very late, and still squirreled around my bed. The only thing that keep pushing me from my bed is my need to pee :p
Since I have nothing to do, I made a fun of myself by taking my own pictures in my room (yeah, boyfie still hasn't arrived yet), and here it goes, ended up in my blog. LOL. Look at my face, I even didn't put any make up. But luckily, cool clothes help me covering my ugly yet bare face. :p
Ahh, and excuse for the blurry photos. You know, how hard it is to have no photographer around x(

So, how's your Sunday? :)


sweater and shorts - ROMWE

Monday, August 11, 2014

Introducing DressVe - New Store! and Shopping Wishlist

It feels good to be back here, writing for my blog entry. Blame to my boyfie for my absence in blogsphere. LOL. Since he hasn't back yet in town, of course I don't have photographer :( so I just wishing he is back soon!

Anyway, today I wanna introduce my new found store, which has so many unique pieces inside, DressVe. Anybody already known this store? Or I'm the only one who late to know this store? XD
At first I thought they just like other stores which sell "ordinary" clothes. But until I scroll to their site deeply, look what I found! *happiness*

Golden lace dress! Are you serious? This is my most favorite from them! Just perfect for party, date or even just walking in town :)
you can get the dress here

Black never goes wrong! So true! This might be ordinary black dress, but look at the pattern closely :)
you can get the dress here

Golden blazer with sequin???? So genius! <3 p="">
you can get the blazer here

For all occasions without looking too much yet still fabulous! Pair your loose shirt with this black blazer -plus strong details on its shoulder- and you ready to go! <3 p="">
you can get the blazer here

Those are my favorite items from DressVe! But you know, the list keep going on! LOL. I just can't help it, to find another extraordinary pieces from them. :)
Have you checked DressVe site? Let me know your favorite pieces from DressVe wardrobe :)


Saturday, July 26, 2014

Sweetest Birthday

Here I am, at home, doing nothing and enjoying my holiday to the fullest! :p But I'm kinda bored, so I write this blog after queuing for my bro's laptop (I'm in holiday tough, didn't bring my laptop is totally okay *excuse* :p )

So, two weeks ago (July 14th, 2014 to be exact) I was starting my new age. Yes, I turned into 24 years old this year. And my boyfriend was being sweet by placing a lot of balloons at my room, and not to forget the gifts and cake! It was so touching, I even cried. Well, I know he is always that sweet in my special moments, but still I couldn't help to feel it as ordinary and always feel surprised.
And the day after my birthday, my Australian best friend, Natalie, asked me to have dinner together. I thought we just got dinner just like we usually do, but NO! She made me cry by giving me special cupcakes for my birthday :") And she wasn't forget giving me gift too, a box of mini ice cream!
Maybe this year is my sweetest birthday ever! (literally sweet! :D )

Getting old is somehow not a good idea for some people (including myself some time), but it will be totally okay, when you surround yourself with peoples you loved. They might not staying forever in your side, but always there for you by heart :)


ROMWE - Best Sellers Sale

Hey people!
I bring good news before I'm heading to the long holiday! *yaaaiiiyyy!!!!*

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