Thursday, August 27, 2015

Life Recently

I kinda have a mind blocking these past few weeks, thus I was unable to update my blog. Every time I tried to capture something or even myself, I had the feeling to cut it down before even finished. So no content, no idea, no new post *crying* I might be in the lowest point of my life recently, because things aren't working like it should be *super crying* As the time goes by, I get bored myself, so I planned to take a walk in local park; which of course 100% dressed up to boost my mood further. And hey, it works! I love the feel of feeling good about myself. Long story short, these couple of shoots happened =)

"Everything happens for a reason, either it's a blessing or a lesson"
Life is like a roller coaster with its ups and downs. And life is like riding a bicycle, to keep your balance you must keep moving - Albert Einstein. Being in the lowest point of roller coaster is not good at all, but I guess there is no option, because the only option is to climb and survive. Cheers for the unpredictable life!


pink top - ROWL's (similar in yellow here)
floral skirt - Ownfitters (similar here)
Tamera Heels - Jeffrey Campbell (flat type here)

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Festival Vibes

I should be in beach or music festival with this kind of outfit, don't you think so? ;) Just need to add a dream catcher necklace or maybe change my flower crown with a floppy hat and I'm ready to go. LOL. Unfortunately, no, I'm not planning to go to beach nor music festival. But hey, it doesn't matter! Because inspirations are everywhere, even though we got trapped, no? ;)

Anyway, talking about my outfit, don't you love my lace off shoulder top? I got this lace top from Dressin. I ordered from them like two months ago, and finally it arrived. Fiuuhhh. I guess it took much times to arrive because of custom department in my country which happens to be slooooowwwwlllyyy like a snail, especially during holidays. Dressin actually dispatched my order in the next 24H after payment received. And the quality of their products are not disapointing at all (wait until you see my other purchase from them!). So, what do you think about my look? ;)


flower crown - gift from a friend
flower pants - ROMWE old (similar here)

Friday, August 7, 2015

Double Mesh

My very casual look for today. Went to make a little surprising visit to my workmate who had birthday yesterday. Unfortunately, I was so busy, thus I am only able to wish her a sweet birthday this early morning. Since I am not really a morning person (look at my messy hair -_____-), I only throw anything near me; which happened to be a mesh sweatpants and a mesh top. Aaaaannndddd I love the result! I guess it caused by the double mesh effect, don't you think so? ;)

About the sweatpants, I actually not into pants, but I always open for anything extraordinary (in this case is extraordinary sweatpants). This is not just a sweatpants, it's a mesh sweatpants! How cool, eh? I already imagine to wear the sweatpants in many ways, and absolutely would love to pair it with heels! Emm, I don't think it would be an option for today, cause I'm in rush and I am in the urge of moving; that's why I save the heels idea for later *promise*
Hope you guys have a wonderful day! And do let me know, what's your idea of pairing sweatpants with! ;)


P.S thank you so much Mr. Imam for taking these photos! =)

mesh top - Zalora Indonesia (similar here)
sweatpants - random store (find the similar here)
studded bag - ROMWE old (similar here)
shoes - Puma (similar here)

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Perfect Wedding Dresses for Perfect Weather: Introducing beFormal

Summer looks like will stay longer at my town. It is freaking hot lately. I'm wondering, does the El Nino really change its habit? It should be a little raining nowadays, but the Sun still shines gloriously. Weird, I know right. With the change of climates mean the change of fashion habits too. In the month we should wear short and tank-top, now we need covers. Other hand, in the month we should wear bulky outfit, but it makes us melt down.

It must be serious matter if we talked about climate change, but no, I just want to talk about dresses and weather to be exact. so, this is gonna be another post to prove my love for beautiful dresses. This time, I'm gonna share about *drum-rolls* lace wedding dresses. I guess it would be perfect to share now, because the weather is quite hot at my country where a bulky tight wedding dress is not an option. As wedding is special occasion, of course people tend to look absolutely perfect for the D-day. So lace material which usually come up in white and black is definitely a great choice. With so much resolution in fashion industry, there is no rule of wedding dresses models nowadays; which means having a line wedding dresses (as you can see some of them here: is very normal, not like years ago where fashion industry especially for wedding has strict rules about do's and dont's. Thus, why I am insist to introduce you guys with one of many producers of lace wedding dresses Australia, called beFormal. And here are two dresses from them which I love most! What do you think about them and my dresses of choice? =)


I personally love the motif! Imagine that I will walk down to the hall with this dress, OMG! it will looks gorgeous and of course the center of attention ;)

The layers are just too lovely to be true! It will looks good for shapeless girl like me! Hahaa. 

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

All White Errthang

Just a quick outfit post, and a little review of my newest shoes which I showed you guys in the last post. And today I wear all white outfit to matchy-matchy with my newest Jeffrey Campbell sandals. It named Jeffrey Campbell Tamera Heels in case you guys still curious. I'm so happy because it is so comfy to wear. Been trying to wear them at home, and surprise, surprise, it fits my feet perfectly. I was worried at first to buy it, because there is no exact review about them. Thus, makes me want to make a shoe review which hopefully helps people out there to decide wisely before buying. Hmm, sounds nice, and maybe I'll make it as regular post every time I buy new pairs of shoes. Well, let's see :p

And here are the recap of my opinion about Jeffrey Campbell Tamera Heels:
  • Pros : it matches to almost any outfit (well, it's white anyway! duhh) the weight, the height are just perfect. Not too heavy, not too risky to walk in them.
  • Cons : almost nothing, but some people thought it's heavy enough for a pair of sandal, but for me personally, it's in perfect weight and stabilized enough to walk for a long hours.
  • Price : the retail price of this sandal is around $175 (but I got them while on sale :p)
  • You can get the similar here or the flat type here
  • Size : true to size; I'm wearing the size I normally use for Jeffrey Campbell shoes and fits perfectly.
  • Point : 5 of 5
  • I'd definitely recommend these pair of sandals =)
Hope my review helps! And see you guys in the next post =)


P.S this is not a sponsored post, so this review is 100% from my honest heart.