Sunday, September 28, 2014

Few Minutes

The reason behind my back to my hometown last weekend is to attend my best-friends wedding (and of course to meet my parents :p). Best-friends weddings are somehow quite delightful, since it would be the moment to meet my other friends and free snacks! lol. I'm kidding, but if you take it seriously, it's totally okay since I do eat a lot lately. hahaaa. Okay, skip the meal part right now. 

This is my total wedding party look that day. You might have already seen every pieces from my wedding party head-to-toe look. You look it right, I re-used my things, combined and created new total look. The truth is, I was in such a rush the day before I came back home, and I only had few minutes left to pack, so yeah, I picked everything near me which I preferably, light and colorful. I never thought the flowery top will looks quite pretty (at least for me!) matched with silver tube skirt. Thoughts?

Anyway, do you notice my background pictures? Yes, it's the same building from my previous post, but this time I was in the back of the building. What a great place, don't you think so? ;)


P.S Thanks to Ochi's boyfie for helping me took these pictures :)

flower top - ROMWE (old collection)
silver skirt - Front Row Shop (old collection)
bag - PersunMall (old collection)
shoes - Jeffrey Campbell Dressen

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Introducing: Beddingin for Your Better Sleep

I’m barely hard to sleep lately. At first I thought it caused by my stressful mind these past few days, until one day I spoke to a friend of mine who happened to visit my room. And such a sudden, she yelled at me and told me to buy a new bedding set. She thought, my current bedding set is not “standard” enough to be a place to sleep (wtf!). To avoid a massacre, lol, I started to browse about some of “standard place to sleep”, and I’m amaze by soooooo many available yet beautiful choices which I never think exist before.

One of many choices out there is from Beddingin webstore (okay, you can imagine how cool and trustfull that webstore just by reading the name, can’t you?). They have so many options (that I really love!) depend on what you really need, such as princess bedding set which I definitely believe targeted for little princessy girls, baby boy bedding set for little man, and one of my personal favorite, king bedding set -can you imagine the big size and super luxe of bedding set which I’m pretty sure will makes you feel like a king in your own room! Lol.

Beddingin webstore provides eyecatching looks itself. I enjoy browsing through their beautiful site which offer many beautiful homey products such as bed set, home decor and many cute utilities (which definitely makes me eyegasm!), and makes me starring at them in hours, and of course makes my card is starting to scream! Eeekk. How could you resist their beautiful products? Try it yourself! And you will understand :D but don’t say I didn’t warn you, okay! And here are some bedding set that win my heart (and still counting, since I can’t stop searching for another piece. Help!)

So, what do you think about this cool webstore? :)


Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Become the person of your dream

Style has permeated every hidden nook of our western culture. On every towering billboard and each inescapable advertisement throughout the commercial breaks of our favorite show, there exists something or someone there to remind us what our flaws are, the way to fix them and who we should aspire to be. For people who haven’t the time or the patience to peruse every magazine in the rack, being chic begins with being confident, although to many people, being chic and fashionable is all about staying on top of the latest trends and about understanding what goes with what. After all, isn’t being chic about being sexy and noticeable? Isn’t it about standing in a crowd of drones? While I don’t find anything wrong by using it, many people’s idea of chic costs them tens of thousands of dollars over the course of a lifetime, but there is nothing as sexy and individual is class and confidence. I can guarantee you that many other people will feel the same.

For me, being chic starts with my capacity to look in the mirror and become happy with things i see. I’m not terribly handsome, but I’m well-groomed and I don’t let myself go with the sweets. I work out on the semi-regular basis, but no one would look at me and ask what gym I go to. I take care of I and myself work hard in the things I love. And because of these simple philosophies, I like who I am, i abide by the golden rule. This means something profound for many of my peers. I also take a bit of pride in the way I look. I wear a suit to be effective, and I make sure that it’s always clean. The appropriately fitted suit is really a deal maker or a deal breaker in many business situations. If I feel good when I look in the mirror in the morning, I feel unstoppable after I put on a tailored suit. It becomes an extension of my masculinity and my professionalism. It will make me a better me.

Also, while I hate to think how the latest fashions make a difference, the classy and timeless ones definitely do. Few things exemplify chic like a Rolex. It’s like a business card that you wear. It’s a crisp and glinting PhD on your wrist. The Rolex and the well-fitted suit are bona fides that accompany you to every meeting, on every romantic date and also the most meaningful endeavors. It never hurts to accessorize and call attention to your confidence, even though again, I honestly believe that being fashionable and relevant starts off with you and the way you view yourself. If you're in the same page as I am, go online to either "">The Watch Buyers Group
or ""> and see how you can make the best and the majority of confident version of yourself.

Everyone, no matter his income or physique has the potential to wildly fashionable and stick out in a crowd in a positive way!

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Magelang - The City of Hope

So, I spent my weekend at my hometown, Magelang, and for the first time in my entire life, I was able to capture some landmarks here in town while walking around spent the Saturday night with my bestie, Aira. But maybe I'm not too good capturing moment, since I ended up regretting why I'm not taking this and that when I'm home. Hiks.

When I was a kid, Magelang called as "The City of Hope" formerly, but it changes into "The City of Million Flowers" few years back (which I don't know the reason behind the changes). I personally love the former named (sounds cooler, no?), its like the town brings positives spirits for everyone inside town, hangs people's hopes when other city can't, and as an escaping place for those who seeking of peace.

I love this town so much, not just because I was born and grew up here, but for every pieces that this town offered to. Clean and fresh air, two mountains as view, clean and large roads, good pavements, and others that many big cities and towns can't offer. Not that I'm not loving my current place to live, but hey, I think it's a good sign if you still love your hometown even when you're not around :)


Sunday, September 14, 2014


It's been almost 5 months of me joining my work company. Time flies, and story still going on. And it would be unfair if I wasn't share a little piece of my togetherness with my workmates. Meeting new people, having new experiences, hearing life-experiences of them, and getting new hilarious stories are somehow make me braingasm.

And I'm quite happy to be among these people. I feel blessed to meet them and know their personalities better. We're taking care of each other, laughing, mumbling, adventuring and everything that every friendship always do :p Some of them are not in company anymore, but it's always good to know that we keep contacting others. How am I can't feel blessed? :)

Here are some of my favorite moments of us. P.S no uniform okay! Since these photos are our off-duty moments, from touring to Ketep Pass - Magelang, workmates reunion from elder to youngest generations, and outdoor events! (and yet many more exciting journeys are still waiting!)

All photos taken by Samsung S4.