Friday, June 26, 2015

Exploring The City: Grojogan Sewu, Yogyakarta

Images from my recent getaway to Grojogan Sewu Waterfall, Kulon Progo, Yogyakarta. I have to say, nature has the best offered in everything. That's why I never get tired of visiting them over and over again. It somehow teaches me about life in a way that I can't even understand; I just feel it. Maybe that is the reason why we called our planet as Mother Earth; mother knows us best (please say, you got it!) Not gonna mumbling much, hope these photos tell it stories better than my words can describe.


Holidays Sale: Intoducing Dressin

Holiday is near the corner! So what's better than Holiday sale anyway? :D I'm beyond happy to share my holiday wishlist, which I'm gonna buy very soon! Especially because most of them are now on sale! And today, I'm gonna share my top wishlist from Dressin. Most of them are simple, and sexy in my opinion. Well, who doesn't want to look sexy in a hot day? :D You guys can find another sale items from Dressin by clicking this link. Let me know what do you think about their site! ;)

baby blue is my newest color addiction! And in lace, like seriously??? I'm in love!

Monochrome is never die. Especially when it comes in irregular cutting right this one! Don't you agree? 

Another black and white which is never get bored. So chic for summer/hot days. And it comes in stripes, many stripes. Give you guys such a sexy curve!

Monday, June 22, 2015

Waterfall Behind Me

My another well-spent Sunday. I was in the city and did nothing at my nest, then such a sudden a friend of mine asked me if I wanted to have a little walk; and as expected I said yes. I thought we were only have "a normal walk", so I dressed casually; light sweater, jeans and sneakers. But voila, after complained non stop because we never got there (my friend kept quite about the place and in the middle of our trip she said we were heading to waterfall), I felt amaze in a sudden. The view of the waterfall we've been headed is SOOOOO AAAAAHHHH-MAZING! 

Even though it's quite hard to get there, but the hard work paid off. We hiked through extreme road with vehicle (and still, I should be the one who get down while it needs more power to hike and less load. LOL), and of course by walking ups and downs through slippery soil, because it's located in the small forest and no vehicle can enter. I'm still amaze with the waterfall every time I see these pictures. It makes me wanna go there again real soon. I have no words to describe how amaze and happy I am. Hope these picts are good enough for you to feel my excitement! And I'll be sharing the details of the place I captured in the next post. Have an awesome Monday you guys!


P.S please excuse my messy hair. I have been in the long road trip :p
P.P.S don't get bored of my patched jeans. I already told you, it's my newest addiction :p

top - Kizzie
patched jeans - Berrybenka
shoes - Converse

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Blended In

Just got back to my nest in Yogyakarta after spending 24 hours at my hometown. Yes, it was exactly 24 hours. Luckily, I had a time to get some shoot in the park near my home. My mom was out of town, so this time I was depending my blog life (okay, it's a little bit overact) to my camera timer again. Ha!

Honestly, I didn't bring any outfit to home. Well, I only have 24 hours anyway. So I dig into my brothers closet and found this green sweater. Hahaaa. I'm not sure if its my big or little bro's. They share the same closet though. I'm happy that I found it in the perfect time, because it was a little bit windy while I took these photos. I also love how the color blended into the background. Hahaaa. Nature helps me a lot as always! Aaannndd this brown bag that I always use while I'm home is actually owned by my little brother. Hahaaa. This is what happen while you're the only girl at home. LOL. Hope you guys have a wonderful Sunday!


Green Sweater - brother's
Patched Jeans - Berrybenka
bag - brother's
shoes - Puma

Friday, June 5, 2015

Exploring The Museum: Museum Gunung Merapi

I tried to capture Merapi Mountain, but it was totally fail. Hahahaa.

So here you go; what's inside (and outside) The Museum Gunung Merapi (Merapi Museum Center) which I visited few days ago. Sorry for not putting a lot of images here, because I thought there will be no fun if I spoil you guys like a lot. I only upload the main (common) images of the museum. All I can say is, the museum worth your money (it's only less than $1!!!), and of course photo-worthy :p There will be a lot of story behind every active volcanic mountains in Indonesia, and give you new knowledge of volcanic mountains in the whole world. Not to mention the graphics, pictures and dioramas are way easy to get people understand. The museum also provides the cinema of how volcanic mountain did the eruption and all.

I personally love being there (well I do go there like many times already!). The location of the museum is so heart warming because it's far from the city crowd (it's near the Merapi Mountain instead), and the fresh air is so refreshing. I can stay there for the whole day just for chatting with friends, enjoying the view and photo shooting of course ;) Hope you guys enjoy the photos just like I love capturing them.