Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Postcard from: Magelang

Grew up in the small town somehow feels such a blessing for me. I'm glad that I had the best place to grow. I might have told this many times, but, really, my small town has the fresher air, the colder water, and the most liveable place for me; no rush, no crowd, no traffic jam and not to mention the best pavements! Everything just runs smoothly. I'm glad that my parents decide to stay in here, and have no plan to move onto another town. Thus I can came back as much as I want to; while people want to have some short gateway, I already have one! ;)

I'm currently loving to snap beautiful street near my home. That's why I manage to upload this kind of post :) I just can't get enough admiring these beautiful streets (my definition about beautiful street: clean, walkable, and worth to shoot of course!). The first and last photos were taken at around 5.30 PM, and the rest of them were taken at 9.30 AM. Hope you guys love these shots as much as I do love taking them. As if you don't, please say that you love them. Hahaa. LOL. I might come back with another postcards!


Sunday, May 17, 2015

Chill Down

Living in flip-flop. Yes, it's my holidays theme this time. Just chilling out and relaxing my feet from those killer shoes by wearing super comfy flip flop (and loose shirt and culottes!). Plus no make up! Ha, both my skin and my feet thank me though! :p actually I'm in a big dilemma to post or not to post these photos which is not so blog worthy. Well, you know, no make up, loose shirt, culottes, and flip-flop. Ha, not so fashion :p But then I realize, it's okay though to chill down a bit from the busy world. Since everyone must be have those kind of days while they don't wanna put everything on. Well, it's holiday after all.

I had well spent weekend at home with my family. And guess what, these photos is taken by my mom! Hahahaaa. Thanks mom! After teaching and forcing her to do these couple of shots, she is a master now. LOL.

I didn't pack that much (well I never do), so I was trying to search anything which I can match to things I brought. Luckily, I found this culottes on my old wardrobe, and thought it would be good to match with my black-white shirt. Plus! I almost forgot having this black-white beanie. So I pulled everything together. Hahahaaa.

So, how's your weekend so far, people? Hope you had a great one and ready to face Monday!


Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Spring on My Feet

Welcoming the hot sunny day with these spring mood shoes! Eekk, it's halfway of May already! I started the month with recoloring my hair at my usual salon, but sadly, that day I got treatment from the one who is not the person usually do my hair. And as I expected since the first time she touched my hair, the color is not shown as it should does *sigh* A bad way to start the month, I know right. Now I need to get back to the salon soon, to get my hair done.

I know it's such a pity to let myself take these photos indoor, in fact the Sun shines so bright outside. I just couldn't help myself to bring so much gear while I still am need to set up the camera. Seems like I'm in my lazy point these past few days. Thus, one of my reason why I haven't updated my blog and other social medias. Need to recharge my soul though, hahaaa.

Luckily, today is holiday, so I plan to do some workout this noon (well actually I will come to hear newest gossips from the gank! LOL). Hopefully the nature supports me by not letting the rain pours! And I can't wait to be back home for the weekend. I miss mom's cooking, fresher air, colder water and quieter environment. So what do you guys plan for this weekend? Hope you have a great one! :)


top - ROWL's
jeans - Dust
Tree Hi Spring - UP shoes

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Take A Break

Just a random shoot that I took this noon in the office. I got my break time around 2 PM, I was just so bored today, and luckily I brought my camera in my bag, and voila! The idea of taking photos in the office just came up right after I saw the balcony has a good view outside. Ah, ah, plus I thought my uniform today is so cute! Yes, white shirt dress? Come on, how can I resist to not take picture of it! :D

Actually, there is a logo of my company in the uniform, and I just edited it! LOL. Nothing's wrong with the logo, I just thought it will ruins my whole look (peace boss!) Hahahaa. I'm not good at photoshop-ing, so please bare with me. You might see something goes wrong, but hey I already am trying my best edited them. :p What do you think?

P.S I still am using camera timer, even for this one. I put it on the desk anyway, hahaa. Pssssttt, don't tell my boss :p


Saturday, April 25, 2015

Tie Me Not

Today is super gloomy. Well, you can see through my photos which looks so pale yet quite dark, doesn't it? Blame the weather or is it me who can't use my camera properly? LOL :p The cold weather seems still in town anyway! But I'm not envy to those who feel the summer already, because I'm enjoying this dark yet cold weather. Except for taking outfit post, I do love the gloomy weather to the bits!

And because today is Sunday, I do nothing except squirrel on my bed slash room. I even skip my work out routine. Ahahaaa. I do feel bad, because it means I don't exercise for almost two weeks! *crying* To avoid my unproductive Sunday, I started the day by dressing up and taking some snaps in front of my room this early morning. Hahaaa. Even though the results are quite bad, but hey, it's better than I do nothing, right? :p Looking back at these photos makes me realize that my hair is already that long. Have been thinking about new haircut! I wanna have my bob hair back just like the old days years before. Should I or should I not?

Wishing you a great Sunday, people!


top - ROWLs
skirt - Born Pretty Store
necklace - Born Pretty Store