Friday, November 21, 2014

Introducing: Tidestore Cyber Monday Sale

It's the end of November already. I know, it's crazy huh thinking about how time flies so fast :(
Okay, okay despite of regretting how time flies fast which sometimes mean some works haven't done yet, I wanna share the good thing about November.
For bargain hunters, you might be know about Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales, yes? Well, if you guys do browse online sites these days, you might be familiar with "Black Friday" and "Cyber Monday" promos. Almost all sites do some crazy sales for celebrating Thanksgiving, which happen in November (yaiiiyyy! happy costumer!) :D

And for today, I wanna share a site which also happen to have Cyber Monday sale, Tidestore ( You can take a look to their Cyber Monday sale directly through this link:
For me personally, instead of buying new shoes, I also love to stock up some cute outwear for winter :) And thankfully, Tidestore provides some cute outwears which you can prove through this link: and for you who have such long lists of party in the rest of the year, you can find some sexy dresses through this link:
Here is my favorite items that catching my eye :) The best part is, they ship worlwide! Well just try to visit their catchy site. Let your eyes decide. Ahh, and not to forget! You will get $5 instantly when you sign up! Isn't it great? :D

Asymmetrical Hem Single Breasted Blazer

Multi Colored coat

Happy shopping!


Saturday, November 15, 2014

Rainy Days

Rainy, rainy! I love rainy days!
We're in the middle of November already and rainy days come over town. Horaaayyyy! I don't know, I think I have those special feeling when it comes to the gloomy weather. I love gloomy weather for sure. It might be cold, and dark, and wet, and well, you can't do outdoor activities freely (you named it!), but it doesn't matter for me. Umm, maybe because I was born in Magelang where sunny days mean windy days, so it will be all time gloomy days over the year -adding some snow and it will feels like in Europe! It kinda related with my love to gloomy days, no?

I love keeping myself warm in my comfy bed, wearing loose shirt and shorts only, bundling up myself with bulky blanket, coffe-ing in my room just to make sure I'm warm enough. But I'm also totally okay to play under my umbrella or my jacket/coat outside my room. Even though in the end I get wet and feel bad because my shoes get dirty. Hahaa. I'm totally fine with that. I just love this rainy season. MUCH.

Ahh, in case you notice, about these outdoor photos, no, no, my boyfie hasn't back yet, I'm still playing with timer. Hahaaa. Maybe people around that place thought I was crazy because I kept moving and posing here and there and back to my camera. LOL. Nothing should beats creativity though. :p


faux fur vest - ROMWE
shirt - unbranded
jeans - Dust
shoes - Converse

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Introducing: Shoes Heaven Shoespie

I'm such a shoe freak since I was a kid. When I was in elementary school my aunty used to buy me a cool boots from Korea which happened to be my daily school shoes. And my friends used to be "uuuuummmmm" in a good way of course. LOL.

For me, shoe is the point of whole total look. You can go with a shirt and shorts, and will completely being point of attention if you wear a cool shoes. Or you can go with super cute dresses, and wear flip flop will pointing down your look. But everyone has different conception, so yeah let it be. Hehee.
Today I wanna share my new found shoe web store, Shoespie ( I personally fall in love with this store because of its eye-catching web, and the shoe as a logo! Hahaa. Shoespie provides a lot of choices for every kind of shoes, such as heels, wedges, sandals, and boots (you can even find red ankle boots for women online India). And not to mention they have Thanksgiving Presale right now!!!!!!! Well, there is no better than shoe sale, right?
Because it's getting wet lately, my first wishlist is boots of course! And thank God, Shoespie has so many choices, you can click here to get to know first.
And here some shoes that currently on my wishlist from Shoespie :

Sexy Denim Flower Print Knee High Boots
direct link:

Glaring Red Suede Pointed Toe Heels with Amazing Bowties
direct link:

Chic Black Contrast Colors Pointed Toe Stiletto Heels
direct link:

*All images source: Shoespie

So what do you think about my choices? :) Dare to visit Shoespie web store?


Saturday, November 8, 2014

Bad Flu

I got a bad flu these past few days, thus made me can't do anything properly. I almost skipped my important activities, and only went outside to work, nothing else. But, thank God, it gets better right now, so I can do anything else which already awaits. Being sick somehow makes me realize how important to be healthy, and feeling blessed everyday in my healthiness. Well, you can have all money over the world, but it makes non sense when you stick up in your bedroom, can't do anything else except eating messy food and dosing yourself with drugs, right?

Aaaannnddddd! I'm so happy because the rain is starting to pour in the last two days in my city! Hmmm, really can't wait to walk around and bundle up myself with beautiful coats :D Have you guys already stocked up new coat this season? Or digging up into your treasury old collection? Well, no matter which one you prefer, the only thing that matter is your healthiness, so stay healthy guys!


P.S these photos taken before I got my haircut :p

top - old collection
shorts - ROMWE

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Sunday's Story

I’m super tired today, but extremely happy instead!

The story behind is, I got a work to do on an event in this early Sunday (which usually happen to be my rest day) at Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta. Long story short, after long hiatus to find the location, finally I was able to be on time. The work went soft and smooth, even if I felt a little bit awkward since I only knew few people there and the rest are new friends to me. And not all new friends are welcomed enough. Hah! And not to forget the bossy boss also!

Ahh, but all the crappy moments are paid off by seeing my favorite band when I was still in Elementary School, Sheila On Seven (SO7)!!!!!! OMG! I never into seeing concert and such, but when I’m happen to be there I’m going to be such a fangirl-ing mode! Hahahaaa. That was happen to me this evening. LOL.  And yet again, memories are flooding around when the band plays all the good song of them. I’m dying, again.

Anyway, last Saturday I went to saloon to cut my hair. It was hurt to see my hair thrown in the floor, hiks. I was a little bit piss off since I told the hairdresser to cut only 1-2cm, but happened to cut more than 2cm. Wtf!

But, okay, watched Sheila On Seven and heard their new song save my Sunday. Thank you, SO7! :")

crop top - ROMWE