Monday, March 3, 2014

Cocktail Dresses by Eric Dress

One kind of dress that you can’t wear twice (okay, you can, but people will notice easily) is the dress for special occasions or known as gown.
The deal is this kind of dress is sometimes overpricing (remembering it will only wear once). But hey, better to spend money on that occasion, than getting bullied by environment, lol.

The only thing you can do is to manage your budget.
I mean, we can choose expensive dresses for very special occasions such as your relatives wedding party, relative’s engagement or whatever makes you meet with your big family is need special treatment.
And for the middle to low range dresses are for events that you only can wear dress once, but you still really need to look glamorous, cute, outstanding without people notice that your dress is not that expensive :p such as prom night party, cocktail party and so on. Well in this case especially cocktail party, since it happens in such a sudden and no regular date.

So here you go, some inspiring dresses for cocktail party, of course in affordable prices, I got from Eric Dress.

looks so mysterious yet outstanding in One Shoulder A line mini dress :)
(you can get the dress here)

dare to show your sexy abs? This stunning two pieces beading pattern is good choice!
(you can get the dress here)

show your happiness and fresh look by wearing this Strapless Mini Flowers dress :)
(you can get the dress here)

and my favorite above all is this Sweetheart Mini Length. It looks so feminine and still shows the glamorous, simplicity and cleanness. Ahh wait until you see the back! I looovvveee the details :)
(you can get the dress here)

You can get many other various of dresses from Eric Dress :)
P.S: they have so many SALE right now! Hurry check it out, it will ends in 18H.

What do you think about my choices? :)



  1. Really pretty dresses! Nice post, thanks for sharing this :)
    Lots of love!

  2. Great dresses dear!

  3. so pretty! <3


  4. thank you for sharing. those dresses are stunning

    visit my new post :

  5. yup that's what the lame thing about a gown.. you can't really use it twice, i mean you have to wait like 100 years again to wear it. Unless you can modify it with something so you don't look super boring. Anyway, thanks for sharing ^^

  6. beautiful dress and lovely post

    love Vikee

  7. Beautiful and stylish cocktail dresses! The One Shoulder A line mini dress is really to my taste :)
    formal dresses under 100


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